Monitor your jobs

To see which of your jobs are running or to see which ones are still in queue, you can use the squeue command as follows:

$ squeue -u $USER

You will see an output similar to the following

123    parition_name    my_job   my_username  R    00:00:15  1 node dnode001

The various fields in the above output are explained below.

  • JOBID: Job ID assigned to your job the scheduler.
  • PARTITION: the partition you have chosen to run your job.
  • NAME: You job name.
  • USER: Your username.
  • ST: This indicates the status of the job. Some of the possible status values are: R= Running, PD = Pending and CG = Completing.
  • TIME: Time for which the job is running in HH:MM:SS.
  • NODES: The number of nodes you have asked for or the number of nodes that have been allocated (depending on the state of your job).
  • NODELIST (REASON): The nodes on which your job is running. If there is a problem with your job, it will also indicate a short message indicating the issue.

To delete your job or to remove it from the queue, you can use the scancel command as shown below.

$ scancel job_id