The University of Leicester hosts one of the four High Performance Computing (HPC) systems that forms the part of the DiRAC Service. The other three sites are: Cambridge, Durham and Edinburgh.

The DiRAC HPC resources are classified into 4 categories namely:-

  1. Data Intensive at Leicester (DIaL)
  2. Data Intensive at Cambridge
  3. Memory Intensive at Durham
  4. Extreme Scaling at Edinburgh

For more information about DiRAC service, please see the link: https://dirac.ac.uk/ .

Data Intensive at Leicester (DIaL) is a term collectively used for two HPC systems at UoL: DIaL2.5 and DIaL3. For more information about DIaL2.5, please follow the DIaL2.5 section at the foot of the menu on the left.

The following image shows the DIaL3 HPC facility at UoL.DiAL image. For more information about DIaL3 and its architecture, please visit the following links.

  1. Architecture
  2. FileSystem